1.5 litre sprayer with Viton seals

1.5 litre sprayer with Viton seals
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW

1.5 litre sprayer with Viton seals

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VIRUSAFE COVID-19 Virus Disinfectant Spray BS EN1276 EN1650 Coronavirus

VIRUSAFE Antiviral Disinfectant

Virus Disinfectant: VIRUCIDE to combat fomite transmission.

  • Virus disinfectant cleaner for sprayer, fumigation or fogging machine
  • Professional. ONLY 14p per sprayer
  • Suitable for Coronavirus type virus, membrane virus
  • BS EN 1276 EN1650 We are Open, order before 3pm for next day delivery. Anti-viral Disinfectant spray for
  • Human & SARS CoronaVirus Type
  • NoroVirus
  • HIV
  • Hepatitus B & C
  • Bleach free.
  • 15% DISCOUNT

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