25cm (10inch) Window Squeegee rubber blade

25cm (10"inch) hard grade rubber blade
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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SKU: 755-25
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25cm (10" inch) hard grade rubber blade

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Brass clips

Brass clips for holding Window squeegee rubbers in place channel on brass squeegees. Suit Goldenbrand range and should fit all other squeegees.

25cm (10"' inch) Complete GoldenBrand Brass Window Squeegee

Commercial Brass Window Squeegee Complete

  • Window Cleaners 25cm (10" inch) Window Squeegee
  • GoldenBrand Professional Window Tools
  • Complete Window Cleaners 10" Window Squeegee
  • Squeegee, Brass handle & "Pulex" Professional Rubber.
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