Bowl Renew - Toilet descaler - 4 pack Special Offer

Bowl Renew - 4 pack Special Offer
Acidic Based Powerfull descaler for the fast, instant removal of limescale, hard water, metallic and peat stains on solid enamel urinals,toilet bowls and ceramic tiled floors.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Acidic Toilet Descaler Removes Stubborn Stains on Urinals and Problems in Toilets - FAST!

Dynamic Chemical's BOWL RENEW is a balanced formulation of powerful descaling, cleaning and germicidal agents which ensure effective total cleaning and disinfection in rest room, shower and toilet facilities, in just a few seconds.

                           BEFORE                                                                             AFTER

Toilet Bowl Stain, Descaler Cleaner - Before               Toilet Bowl Stain, Descaler Cleaner - After

Bowl Re-New's very powerful action removes unsighly and odour generating stains in seconds. It not only removes stubborn stains on enamel sanitary ware, bowls and urinals, it dissolves stubborn brown yeast growth on ceramic tiled floors, removing the source of most strong smells particularly in gents toilets around urinal area.

Do you suffer from slow running drains in gents, or regular blockages? Bowl Re-new can remove this problem. Regular use keeps toilet pipes clear of build ups / furring up in the pipes which slows the flush rate through pipes. Free flowing drains prevent blockages and bad smells. If you have stainless Steel Urinal, DO NOT USE ON Stainless steel URINALS, but pour direct down drain in Urinal to clean and clear pipes.

Essential maintenance in hard water areas, should be used once a week in these areas and once a month is very soft water areas. Between descaling we recommend daily cleaning & disinfecting with OBSESSION, Our non hazardous brightly perfumed disinfectant.

Completely dissolves organic deposits, hard water scale, metalic, limescale and peat stains as well as killing harmful bacteria. By removing the unhygienic material which harbour germs lasting protection is assured. A special bowl mop is available for easy application


No hazardous fumes and safe on most solid enamel and tiled surfaces. No effect on Septic Tanks. Contact with polished metal, enamel coated baths and stainless steel urinals, and Bleach should be avoided.


Simply apply to surface by mop or spray and allow BOWL RENEW to act for 30 seconds and rinse. No hard scrubbing is required.


BOWL RENEW cuts cleaning time for maximum economy. One ounce is ample for initial cleaning on toilet bowls with dilution of 4 to 1 for a fortnightly/ monthly cleaning cycle thereafter; on urinals and floors BOWL RENEW may be diluted with up to four parts water.


Apply BOWL RE-NEW with SPECIAL Bowl Mop. On very hard deposits some light agitation may be required. SPecial Acid resistant BOWL MOP


Do NOT use on stainless steel, chrome or polished metals & enamel coated baths, may etch surface. Bowl Re-New is an acidic descaler, DO NOT mix with Bleach.

There will be a free Bowl Mop included in the 4x5lt Special Offer box. If buying this product  either as a single 5 litre or for multiple sites, remember to purchase any extra bowl mops, to get the best from this product.

THis product is available as a single 5 litre Bowl ReNew.

Recommended partner product for daily maintenance - Dynamic Chemicals "OBSESSION" perfumed bathroom daily disinfectant.



Dynamic Chemicals Bowl Re-New - Industrial Toilet Descaler MSDS is available in all EC languages.

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