Adult Litterpicker, lever operation 39"inches, 1 metre

Litter Picker. Extra long reach mechanical gripper tool. 39", 3 feet 3inch,(100cm)1 metre. Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction for working at length, full hand lever grip. Length 39"
SKU: 44100
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW

Adult Litter Picker 39" inch 1 metre long Aluminium tubular pole

Litter Picker. Long reach mechanical gripper tool. 39", 3 feet 3inch, (100cm) 1 metre.

Easy one handed operation using full hand operating lever style (similar to squeezing a bicycle brake lever) rather than single finger pistol grip style, allowing a free hand to hold waste container or bag. This design means the tool is ambidextrous, right or left handed litterpicker. Manufactured from rigid 1" aluminium tube, which enables a reasonable weight of litter to be lifted without flexing.

The operating mechanism is a direct aluminium plate connecting rod rather than a cable which means grip is real feel, unlike stretch experienced with cable or cord.

Two pincher mechanical tool grabs litter, making it easier to grip litter.

Both pincers rotate inwards, referred to as nipper movement, to give equi-pressure on item being lifted for better grip and the design means that very accurate litter picking is achievable on very small pieces of litter.

Make the litter picking task easier with a bag holding hoop, holds the waste sack or black bin bag open making collecting litter much easier. Available in 2 sizes, large and small. Click Here (Opens in a new window)

Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction, full hand lever grip.
Length 39"  (100cm)

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