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Cranberry - Giant air freshener Fumigating Odour Control

Cranberry - Giant Air Freshener Quick Fumigation. High pressure, super power aerosol, gives dry fog like spray Like a fire extinguisher to rapidly clear unwanted odours fast. Hand activated, spray into room last thing at night for a fresh fragrant greeting. Ideal for conference rooms.

Heaven Scent Air Freshener and Fabric concentrate 5 litre

Heaven Scent - Air Freshener and fabric odour neutraliser concentrate for Hotels, restaurants, Bars, Clubs and car valeting. Fabric re-odouriser, refreshener 40% Discount Spring 2019. Heaven Scent's LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE Designer perfumes and monthly Specials. Perfume your rooms like favourite after shaves or perfumes, Calvein Kleins Obsession, Jean Paul Gaultier etc. 5 litre containers
£49.95 £29.97
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