Alcohol hand sanitiser - Anti-bacterial hand spray

  • alcohol hand sanitiser
  • Anti-bacterial anti virus hand disinfectant
  • To refill spray type wall dispensers
  • Great for distributing to many areas, use in any sprayer
  • recommended for pubs clubs hotels and restaurants
  • Supplied in 5 litre containers
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray

Dynamic Chemical's antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser spray is an 61% alcohol liquid skin cleaner for sanitising hands where there are no handwashing facilities. For use in SPRAY dispensers.

Sturdy, Reliable, Wall mounted Spray Dispensers are available at £28.50 ea. Product can be dispensed easily using any type of spray dispenser, garden spray suncream type spray bottle etc.

Ideal for use in hotels, pubs, restaurans, holiday parks, cruise ships, factories, sports arenas indoor and outdoor use.

LIMITED STOCK. See below for availability!  We have limited availability to protect stock for existing contracts. IF insufficient stock please call for availability.

It is not a gel, and will not dispense properly from a gel pump dispenser.

Does not leave hands tacky/ sticky and contains anti-virus disinfectant

Ideal anti virus frontline protection against Covid, and should be used in conjunction with ViruSafe multi-SURFACE Disinfectant spray fro complete protection.

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