Aluminium handle and colour coded holder

Aluminium handle and colour coded holder
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Aluminium handle and colour coded holder

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Grey Lobby Dustpan and Brush

  • Contract Lobby Dustpan And Brush
  • A handy, complete sweeping kit.
  • Image for illustration only ITEM IS GREY.
  • Easy to hang for tidy storage.
  • Medium bristles only

BLUE Coloured hand grip - 540 Aluminium pole 54" screw fitting for mop, brush or floor squeegees.

Threaded Aluminium pole/ Hygiene Brush shaft & colour coded handle

  • Aluminium pole shaft BLUE Colour Coded grip Handle.
  • Suits Mop, Brush & Plastic Floor Squeegee
  • 15/16" inch diameter pole with threaded screw fitting at end

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