Big Tool - Penetrating Fluid - With Graphite Lubricant

  • Big Tool Maintenance Spray
  • Supplied in 400ml aerosols
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Dynamic Chemicals' BIG TOOL is a chemical formulation designed to free frozen and corroded metal parts. BIG TOOL can be effectively used on ALL metals.
BIG TOOL acts as a preventative against further corrosion and is available in handy aerosol. BIG TOOL is:


Contains no acid and is harmless to all metals, rubber, paint or wood.


Simply spray on the surface and allow only 5 to 30 seconds for effective penetration.


Reduces time taken in dismantling equipment. Restores rusted and corroded equipment to former efficiency.


Penetrates even countersunk threads and dissolves corrosion which causes freezing of fittings.


All types of maintenance departments, construction companies, plant hire equipment, plumbers, concrete plants and trucks, transport companies, garages, textile mills, chemical plants, sewage works, water and gas companies, earth moving and mining operations, farm machinery, marine applications, instrument repairs, etc.


Spray or soak parts to be dismantled and remove when penetration has taken place.

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