Bubblegum Odour Masking Agent with Enzymes

  • Bubblegum fragrance
  • Extremely strong odour masking
  • Effective for sewerage plants, skips, bin cleaning and kennels

Bubblegum Deodoriser - Odour Masking Agent

Bubblegum fragrance, extremely strong odour masking. effective for sewerage plants, skips, bin cleaning, kennels.

Ideal strong odour masking effective for post fire treatment, post flooding, under floor odour masking.

Dilution varies between 1:5 - 1:8000 depending on application.

As ever it is always better to remove the source or cause of mal-odour. After cleaning, Bubblegum deodoriser is excellent for instantly refreshening deodorising traeted area.

The product is also excellent for masking urine smells after kennel cleaning.

Also available with added enzymes for treating porous hard surfaces.

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