Caddy Clean Mains 230V Li-Ion Battery Charger

Caddy Clean Mains 230V Li-Ion Battery Charger. Smart charger for ultimate care of the Caddy Clean small floor scrubber machine Battery. UK MODEL With 3 prong flat pinned plug
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Mains (220-240V) Li-Ion battery Charger for Caddy Clean Floor scrubbing machine

THIS ITEM ONLY to be used with new Li-Ion battery, with yellow plug.

(The original battery was replaced by a new Li-Ion battery since 2018 and for a couple of years an upgrade/ conversion kit (battery and new charger) is available).

(N.B. the  new battery charger/ old battery (or vice-versa) are not compatible). This item not suitable to charge old NimH battery.


This item is for a New Li-Ion battery charger for the new Li-Ion battery (both have yellow plugs) for Caddy Clean floor scrubbing machine. New battery setup is compatile with old machine. Intelligent charger optimises battery for maximum life.



UK MODEL (230V) Mains Caddy Clean battery Charger with 3 prong UK flat pinned plug. We also have some with EU 2 pin plug, please email for availability

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