Caddy Clean Mains 230V Battery Charger

Caddy Clean Mains 230V Battery Charger. Smart charger for ultimate care of the Caddy Clean small floor scrubber machine Battery. UK MODEL With 3 prong flat pinned plug
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Mains (220-250V) original battery Charger for Caddy Clean Floor scrubbing machine


(The original battery has been replaced by a new Li-Ion battery since 2018 and a upgrade/ conversion kit (battery and new charger) is available).

(N.B. the  new battery charger/ old battery (or vice-versa) are not compatible). THis item not suitable to charge new Li-on battery.


This item is for a Manufacturer's original battery charger for the Caddy Clean floor scrubbing machine. Intelligent charger optimises battery for maximum life.

Initial charge time may be up to 5 hours. Normal restoring battery charge takes approx 1 hour. Flashing lights on charger indicate stage of charging. For maximum battert life store battery completely charged.


UK MODEL (230V) Mains Caddy Clean battery Charger with 3 prong flat pinned plug. We also have some with EU 2 pin plug, please email for availability

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