Caddy Clean mains Power Cable - Transformer

Mains Power Cable - 230V Transformer for caddy clean enables continuous use plugged in direct to mains supply. This does not recharge battery, it replaces battery pack Item being discontinued.
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Mains Power Cable/Transformer for caddy clean scrubbing machine.

This Item Should NOT be confused with charger.

Item being discontinued when out of stock.

This transformer enables continous use of the caddy clean powered directly from a mains socket via the transformer.

Although this negates the main advavntage of the caddy clean, i.e. cordless, no trailing cables, it does however in certain circumstances meaqn that the machine can be used cotinously without the need for spare batteries or interuptions to work awaiting battery recharging.

This does not recharge battery, it replaces battery pack.

If item out of stock email or call to see availability from manufacturer and lead time


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