Caddy Clean - NEW Lithium 4 Hour Replacement battery, cable and case

NEW Caddy Clean LITHIUM 4 Hour Replacement battery - Complete, cable, plug and leather case. Replacement battery or Diagnostic/ Checking service on faulty Caddy Clean Battery or charger.
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NEW! Caddy Clean LITHIUM 4 Hour Replacement battery, cable, plug and leather case.

NEW Li-ion 4 Hr reolacement battery pack for the Caddy Clean, complete with coiled flexi-cable, plug & new leather case with belt clip, with 12 months manufacturers warranty.

It is anticipated with good battery maintenance that your caddy clean battery should provide around 1000 full life cycles.

Please always store your battery charged.

The simplest option should your battery expire is to buy a complete unit (as listed here). Supplied with a basic charge, but should be given a full initial charge before plugging in for use.

Under no circumstances should an untrained person try to disconnect the plug on this unit without the correct isolating tool, as any short circuit to the battery will irreversibly damage the pack.

UK users only. If unsure if Caddy Clean battery is faulty, or charger then we will check it our for you. Please call or email to arrange to return both Battery and Charger unit. We will check both out, advise if either can be repaired or which requires replacing. Only cost is, cost of return postage/carriage (approx £6.00 +VAT) or No Charge if purchasing a replacement (both items returned along with replacement).

Caddy Clean Complete replacement Li-ion battery, cable, plug and leather case.

Please allow 2 - 3 days for dispatch as each unit is given an initial charge and tested before dispatch. Next day delivery is available if you want to authorise us to ship without PDI.

FAQ. The new Li-On battery is not compatible with old charger. requires Li-On Charger. The new battery is compatible with old machne.

How can I differentiate between old battery/ charger and new. The old battery/ charger has a black plug, the new battery has a yellow plug. The new battery is 25% longer in length.

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