'Caution Wet Floor' and "Cleaning in Progress" folding safety warning sign. A-Frame PS123

Economy "Caution Wet Floor" AND "Cleaning in Progress" dual message, folding A-Frame safety warning sign, 25' inch high, printed both sides. Durable Yellow plastic. PS 123. Economical,Cheap save money.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW

Dual message Yellow A-Frame, folding Floor Safety Warning Sign-

One folding A-Frame Warning Safety Floor sign and for economy, is printed with two different messages.

"Caution Wet Floor" (on one side) and "Cleaning in Progress" on other.

Saves storage space in cleaners cupboard, trolley or van, one sign with both messages, which covers most safety warnings cleaenrs likely to encounter.

Light construction and folds up and down with one handed operation. Easily moved along while working. 

Dimensions Height: 63cm (25"), Width: 30.5cm (12")

Comply with Health and Safety legislations. Avoid costly liability claims.

While this sign can save you money by replacing 2 different signs, consider that you may need more than one sign, make sure you cover all entrances/ access to hazardous site, and place a warning sign at each.

This sign is in English only, see our range of signs for multi lingual signs in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

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