Commander Tri-Jet Fogger, Fogging machine

  • Commander Tri-Jet Fogger machine 230 - 250V.
  • Used for High Level Cleaning
  • Odour Control and Masking
  • Disinfecting, Virus Control, Fumigation
  • Dust and Humidity control
  • Free chemical samples with machine
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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Original Commander Tri-Jet Fogger, fumigating fogging machine

N.B. OUT OF STOCK as of 2nd March.


Replacement stock UPDATE 14th MAY – While originally expected end of April, which then slid to mid, then end of May, due to no update from manufacturer for available product for export we are now not expecting any machines before mid to end June!

We currently advise to look, for the short term, at possible alternatives perhaps hand held or pressure sprayers with VIRUSAFE

This is the same product for use with fogging equipment

230v  (230-250V) Tri-Jet Fogger can be used as a cleaning chemical fogger, fumigation machine or for humidity control. The combination of adjustable valve and tornado action nozzle (3 counter rotated nozzles) maximises mist up to 30ft directionally. Highly versatile, allowing fogging with both water and oil based solutions either indoors or outdoors.

Recommended for Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens, Halls, Barns, Smoke Damage, Cruise Ships, any hospitality accomodation.

Special Offer: Buy COMMANDER TRI-JET FOGGER TODAY - Receive 10 litres FREE CHEMICAL! (curently Viru-Safe virucidal fogging fluid unless otherwise requested)

Please add a note to order or send separate email immediately after ordering to advise which chemical you wish to be shipped free with your Fogging Machine or request telephone call.

Powerful and versatile fogger .

The versatility of this unit allows you to fog with both water and oil base materials and may be used either indoors or outdoors. Aluminium construction with a highly polished finish. If highly corrosive chemicals are allowed to settle, spill outside machine or is not stored securely in van it can begin to look quite tired and old very quickly. The machine will continue to work regardless of how it looks. If appearance is important see the Fogmister 772.

Recommended for High Level Clean downs, belt and braces anti-bacterial disinfection, combat viral outbreaks, in hotels, restaurants, holiday camps and resorts, cruise ships. Next day day delivery throughout UK, 2 -3 day Europe.

Fogger specifications

4 litre capacity. Aluminium construction, good chemical resistance, heavy duty 1000W motor.

Droplet size: 15 - 30 micron

Spray Rate: 0 - 30 ml per minute depending on droplet size.

Dimensions: Height: 39cm (15 1/2'" inch), Width: 22cm (8 1/2" inch), Depth: 32cm (12 1/2" inch).


Also available 110V and drum mounted by order ( on store).


Further info Download information sheet and technical specifications:  Click Here: Commander Tri-jet Fogger 672 info sheet.pdf


If you are not sure if this is the right machine for you please call 01555 892929 for advice or email for further information.

IN STOCK for next day delivery UK.

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