FogMister popular. Fogger, Fogging machine.

  • Fogging/ fumigation machine 220v - 250v
  • High level cleaning & disinfection
  • Resin moulded chemical resistant casing
  • Includes £50 worth of our recommended cleaning products
  • Dimensions: H:12" (30cm) L:15" (38cm) Dia: 8.5" (22cm)
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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FogMister Fogging Machine, fumigation, cleaning and disinfecting - 230V


Replacement stock UPDATE 15th MAY – While originally expected end of April, which then slid to mid, then end of May, due to no update from manufacturer for available product for export we are now not expecting any machines before mid to end June!


We currently advise to look, for the short term, at possible alternatives perhaps hand held or pressure sprayers with VIRUSAFE

This is the same product for use with fogging equipment

Item supplied with 2x5Litre ViruSafe virucidal disinfection spray/ fogging fluid.

The main advantage of this machine is the rugged, copolymer resin construction, which means that it will cosmetically withstand many of the aggressive chemicals or detergents which it is required to fog or continuously spray for all the underlisted applications. It will still look presentable after many trips in and out of a van. Effective sanitising, disinfecting, odour control, pest control or humidity creation, the FogMister cold mist fogger provides a mobile, versatile applicator for indoor or outdoor use with both water or oil based materials.

The spraying nozzle is at a fixed angle approx 45 degrees, so if a different angle required then it has to be propped up or down to suit. If spray angle is critical see our other item, Tri Jet Fogger which has an adjustable spraying angle.


Fogmister fogging, fumigation & cleaning machine.

The seamless one piece construction heavy duty FogMister is manufactured from safe, rustproof and rugged copolymer resin. The
6 litre tank is easily filled via the wide aperture opening. Convenient built-in carry handle. Single stage fan motor to produce
microscopic droplets, the FogMister has variable out put of 0 – 270ml per min. CE approved.
Applications: Disinfectants, Smoke & fire damage cleaning, pest control, flying insects, odour control, sanitizers, humidity control.
Locations: Hospitals, offices, factories, abattoirs, refuse and sewage sites, farms, greenhouses, hotels, trucks and vehicles,
processing plants and homes.

Fogmister specifications. Physical & full specification download our information & tech spec

Dimensions: H:12" (30cm) L:15" (38cm) Dia: 8.5" (22cm)

Download fogger information sheet and technical spec on the FogMister fogger, using this link: Fogmister Fogging Machine PDF

Any difficulty downloading info please call the office or email us and we will email it by return.

We offer a wide range of Foggers, Fogging machines in various voltages, formats, capacities and finishes.

Recommended Fogging Chemical Products:

High Level, post cleaning fumigation for kitchens and furnished areas :                               BIO-FOG
High Level Disinfection, SRV, NoroVirus, Winter sickness, non soft furnished areas :       CHLORO-FOG /   VIRUFOG
General or H.D. De-odourising :                                                                                                     HEAVEN SCENT /   ODOURMASK BUBBLEGUM
Smoke / Soot Damage :                                                                                                                    ITS MAGIC /   CATERSAN

This item is in stock for next day delivery. We will ususally include £50 worth of our recommended products F.O.C., please email us immediately after ordering with your application to get the best from your new purchase.

Not sure, please call for a chat.

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