Drain Clear

  • Acid Based Drain Cleaner
  • Dissolves Organic Blockages
  • 3.5kg bottle
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Dynamic Chemicals DRAIN CLEAR is a concentrated liquid containing >95% sulphuric acid to dissolve and liquefy grease, cloth, paper, cellulose, tea bags, hair, fruit or vegetable peels and other organic solids which cause blockages and clogging of drains and pipes.



DRAIN CLEAR is harmless to most traditional drain systems and types of pipes used in drains. This product is a strong acid and should not be used in ABS drain traps, Does not contain caustics or metal particles.

For professional, institutional use only.


DRAIN CLEAR is ready to use and begins to dissolve and liquefy organic matter immediately. (No agitation required). Most blockages are eliminated in less than 5 minutes. Prevents odours by keeping drains free flowing.


Concentrated to reduce costs. Saves on expensive plumbing and specialist bills. Fast action reduces maintenance time. Regular use PREVENTS slow running, clogged or blocked drains.


Drains, sinks, shower cubicles, toilets, urinals, grease traps etc.


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