Economy Flexible Push screw fit PY Mop - White - Single

Economy Duo fit - PY Push or screw fit Mop - WHITE - SINGLE

  • Industrial Quality Thick absorbent cotton PY yarn for everyday use
  • Colour-coded mops prevent cross contamination
  • Plastic socket fitting means no rusting
  • Economy Push or screw fit PY Mop - WHITE - SINGLE
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Economy Duo PY Push screw fit Mop - White - Single

Cheapest mop yet good commercial everyday quality. Entry level colour coded mop system. The design of this socket mop accepts ordinary wooden shaft push-fit or either of the colour coded screw-on poles will cut a thread, therefore easily fitted or used with existing equipment. Note that matching colour coded buckets are available 12 and 15 lt.

PY Yarn Socket Mop

  • Thick absorbent cotton yarn for industrial everyday use
  • Colour coded prevents cross contamination.
  • Plastic socket fitting means no rusting.
  • Cheapest Colour-coded screw in mophead
  • Buy 10 Pack for greater economy


12 oz.(ounce, 200 gm) pure yarn socket mop heads for standard everyday use. Approx 250mm diameter spread fitted with a colour-coded plastic socket means ideal size for around toilets, kitchens and not too heavy when fully wet. For use with 7/8" diameter wooden poles or 15/16" threaded handles. Socket has tapered plastic socket to accept most popular wooden shafts.

Cheapest way to buy PY mops is in bags of 10, however also available to buy as singles.

Good quality economy Cheap Mop heads for general floor mopping traditional cotton mop.

See also more durable hygiene mops with looped and stitched yarn.

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