Soft furnishing Enzyme treatment

  • Enzyme Treatment Safe for Treating Carpets
  • Removes Strong odours i.e. urine, rotten food & bin waste
  • Dissolves solids & proteins in carpet, upholstery removing bad smells
  • Useful for car valeting & detailing
  • Supplied in as little as 5 litre containers
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
SKU: Enzymatic5


Environmentally Friendly, Natural, biological way to clean carpet and upholstery.



 Enzyme Treatment for Carpets, Upholstery, washrooms or kennels.

Naturally decomposes and dissolves urine, vomit, grease and proteins keeping carpets, upholstery or washroom surfaces.
Enzymatic works exactly like a septic tank releasing natural enzymes which rapidly break down organic matter.

Biotreatment of Organic Waste. Wide range of uses from treating persistent smells in carpet cleaning/ disinfecting, odour control in animal living quarters to drain maintainance.

Supplied in 5 litre containers