Heaven Scent Air Freshener and Fabric concentrate 5 litre

Heaven Scent - Air Freshener and fabric odour neutraliser concentrate for Hotels, restaurants, Bars, Clubs and car valeting. Fabric re-odouriser, refreshener 40% Discount Spring 2019. Heaven Scent's LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE Designer perfumes and monthly Specials. Perfume your rooms like favourite after shaves or perfumes, Calvein Kleins Obsession, Jean Paul Gaultier etc. 5 litre containers
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Heaven Scent - Commercial, Long Lasting air freshener made with designer perfumes.

40% Discount Spring 2019

Luxury LONG LASTING Commercial Air Freshener including Anti -Bacterial and viruscide. Concentrate for Hotel, Restaurants, Pubs, Nightclubs, Caravan Parks, Holiday Resorts and Utility Management. Dilute to preferred strength into sprayer. Each 5 litre refills 210 sprayers of powerful air freshener. Over 20 different fragrances available!

Dynamic Chemical's HEAVEN SCENT is a range of air freshener concentrates using designer perfumes which create an upmarket image in air de-odourising. When diluted 5 litre makes the equivalent of 260 aerosols. HEAVEN SCENT neutralises all offensive odours and airborne bacteria and provides long lasting protection. Not only providing your clients with a fresher environment but safeguarding their safety by removing any bacteria and virus.

Heaven Scent is SAFE
Harmless to people and warm blooded pets. Does not stain fabrics. No effect on painted or other hard surfaces. The replacement of aerosols means NO FLUOROCARBONS are used which adds to saving our environment. NOTE. If sprayed excessively over hard surfaces, may leave damp or slippery.

Heaven Scent is EFFECTIVE  

Immediately replaces offensive odours with a variety of fragrances. Penetrates hard to reach areas. LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE, Residual action last up to 12 hours. You can control the strength by reducing or increasing the dilution. Especially effective around soft furnishings. Fabric re-odouriser, refreshener. SEE how the product falls to the carpet and remains in the room rather than escaping out ventilators.

Heaven Scent is ECONOMICAL  

Use while areas are occupied. No special dispensers or equipment required. 2-3 second spray adequate for average size room. A single 5 litre makes 210 sprayers at only 30p each. The equivalent of a 400ml commercial aerosol at 1/10th of the price – approx. 30p depending on fragrance purchased. One 5 litre pack is the equivalent of 20 cases of (400ml) industrial aerosols.

Heaven Scent available in Choice of Designer PERFUMES  

CheeKy one (similar CK One), Obsessive (similar CK Obsession), Amarjazz (Unisex mix of Amarige & Jazz), Allure, JPG (similar Jean Paul Galtier), Passion (similar Dior Poison), Eternal with monthly limited production of one or two new perfumes at special offers. Only a couple of sprays are required in a normal sized room.

Economy Version: Parma Violets (like purple sweeties). (Mountain Fresh, Spring Bouquet, Hot Vanilla Fudge and Golden Delicious Apple added this year). Others available on request by email or telephone.

One 5 litre will last a long time, we recommend that this product is bought as part of a mixed box eg. 1 x 5 Heaven Scent and 3 x 5 litres of other products. For existing customers a 1 litre tester bottle (£9.95) is available when added to an order. Please email for details


Pubs, clubs, public buildings, hotels, bedrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, vehicles, cinemas and churches.


Dynamic Chemicals Heaven Scent - Professional Air and Fabric Concentrate MSDS is available in all EC languages.

Next day delivery throughout mainland UK, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 24 hour delivery in London.

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