Flair High Gloss Floor Finish

  • Superior High Solids Cross Link Polymer Floor Finish. Not Polish!
  • Exceptional WET LOOK, NON SLIP, Clear seal to vinyl, cork, safety flooring and varnished wood.
  • Supplied in 5 litre containers
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Dynamic Chemicals' FLAIR is a floor finish AND sealer which gives a beautiful clear acrylic surface to all types of floors. High solid content ensures maximum life and low maintenance cost. Dries to a glass clear finish.



Provides a slip retardant surface to all floor areas.



FLAIR is long lasting and saves material, labour and money. The low level of maintenance required can often cut costs by 50%. Provides a seal of protection which allows scuffs, dust and other traffic stains to be removed by damp mopping without destroying the shine. Regular care is minimised.




FLAIR does not yellow or powder and shines without buffing. Resists soiling, scuffing and is slip-retardant. It is not harmed by mild detergent washing. Self leveling means repairs to scratches is simple and can be re-surfaced without having to STRIP the whole floor.



All types of floor surfaces including asphalt, asbestos, cement, composition, linoleum, rubber, sealed cork, thermo plastic, terrazzo, vinyl and wood.



Surface should first be thoroughly cleaned with Dynamic Chemical’s STREP to ensure complete adhesion of FLAIR. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Apply FLAIR with a lamb's wool applicator. Subsequent coats should be applied at right angles to the previous coat when dry (usually 20-30 minutes). Best results will be obtained if FLAIR is applied as thin as possible. 2 or 3 thin coats will give a better result than 1 thick coat. Regular maintenance with Dynamic Chemical's “FLOOR PLUS”, which is specifically formulated to be compatible with FLAIR, will prolong finish.


FLAIR - HIGH GLOSS, Clear Acrylic Floor Finish and Sealer.

Dynamic Chemical's FLAIR is a floor finish AND sealer which gives a UNIQUE beautiful clear acrylic surface to all types of floors.

High solid content ensures maximum long lasting HIGH GLOSS shine. 1 litre coats approx 100 sq ft.

Easily removed (Stripped) with DynamicChemicals STRIP, Floor Stripper in minutes.

Usually requires 3 -4 layers to give exceptional high gloss, wet look finish. Flair is an creamy emulsion when mopped on looks like the floor has been wetted, each coat dries in quickly. Final coat 3 or 4 dries with wet look.

Quickly reseals floors. Takes around 20 minutes to dry. Self levelling for locallised maintenance or repairs. Easily maintained with Dynamic Chemicals "FLOOR PLUS" neutral daily cleaning detergent with dry to shine feature and self repairing minor scratches. Powerful fragrance leaves room smelling of old fashioned polish. High diltion 1:300 in mop bucket.

Easily applied with 14" or 18"T" Bar and lambswool applicator available in window cleaning section of website (search T-Bar).


Recommended to be purchased along with STRIP and FLOOR PLUS.





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