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Commander Tri-Jet Fogger, Fogging machine

  • Commander Tri-Jet Fogger machine 230 - 250V.
  • Used for High Level Cleaning
  • Odour Control and Masking
  • Disinfecting, Virus Control, Fumigation
  • Dust and Humidity control
  • Free chemical samples with machine

FogMister popular. Fogger, Fogging machine.

  • Fogging/ fumigation machine 220v - 250v
  • High level cleaning & disinfection
  • Resin moulded chemical resistant casing
  • Includes £50 worth of our recommended cleaning products
  • Dimensions: H:12" (30cm) L:15" (38cm) Dia: 8.5" (22cm)
£445.00 £429.95

110V Tri-Jet Fogger, Fogging machine.

Fogger Fogging Machine. 110V. Chemical fumigation, or humidity control. The combination of adjustable valve and tornado action nozzle maximises mist up to 30ft directionally. Highly versatile, allowing fogging with both water and oil based solutions either indoors or outdoors. 4 litre capacity. Aluminium construction, good chemical resistance, heavy duty motor. H: 39cm (15 1/2'), W: 22cm (8 1/2'), D: 32cm (12 1/2')
£435.00 £418.95

Mini Fogger

Mini Fogger

TurboAir 3 speed air blower

TurboAir 3 speed air blower. UK Mains 240V.
Professional, Floor, Carpet, Drying or Dehumidifying.
1 Horsepower motor, with 3 speed selections 950/ 1250/ 1350 rpm.
Air Flow: 3600 (cfm) (102,000 Lt/m) Low Noise.
£322.65 £299.99
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