Handy Hoop - Bin Bag Holder - Ladies/ Children

Handy Hoop - 13 1/2" inches (350mm diam) Ladies/ Childrens Size Waste Bin Bag holder, holds large swing bin bag or black bin bag open for easier litter picking. Like a spare hand. Waste sack carrier. ITEM DISCONTINUED AT PRESENT!
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Handy Hoop - Ladies/ Children's Size (Medium) Waste Bin Bag holder

Holds bag open for easier litter picking

Ladies/ Children's Size Bag Holder hoop is appropriate size for a child, fitting large swing bin sacks, as well as standard black bin bags.

Although the favourite design, most popular style of Handy Hoop,

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Liter Picker's Mate

Its the like the spare hand you need when litter picking, specially if it's windy. Litter picking bag holder.

Best litter picking accessory.

There is a comfortable sponge grip for child to easily grip hoop and sack. Waste sack carrier is like a hoola hoop with clips which fold around to secure standard size black bin bag, which keeps bin bag open to deposit waste into easily.

Handyhoop litter picker's waste sack carrier made from 20 mm plastic tube,

Dimensions Approx : Hoop diamenter:  13 1/2 "inches  (350 mm)  weight: 170 grams

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