Handy Hoop - Bin Bag Holder - Adult

Handy Hoop Bag holder- 17" (440mm diam) Standard Adult Size Waste Bin Bag holder, holds standard black bin bag open for easier litter picking. Like a spare hand. VERY LOW STOCK!! Item being replaced with new model. ITEM DISCONTINUED! Waste sack carrier and tidy bracket.
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Handy Hoop Bag Holder- Standard Size Waste Bin Bag, holds bag open for easier litter picking



GOOD NEWS - Comparable replacement NOW AVAILABLE


ORIGINAL: Standard Bag Holder Hoop is appropriate size for an adult and holds open normal size refuse sacks, (black bin bags).

Its the like the spare hand you need when litter picking, specially if it's windy.


GOOD NEWS - Comparable replacement NOW AVAILABLE

There is a comfortable sponge grip for operator to hold hoop and sack. Waste sack carrier is like a hoola hoop with clips which fold around to secure standard size black bin bag, which keeps bin bag open to deposit waste into easily.

The hoop also has a tidy clip which can screwed to wall for keeping hoop stored away neatly.

Handyhoop waste sack carrier made from 20 mm plastic tube,

Dimensions Approx : Hoop diamenter:  17"inches  (440 mm)   weight  190 grams

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