Heavy duty colour coded microfibre cloth

Heavy duty colour coded microfibre cloth
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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Heavy duty colour coded microfibre cloth

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Dry cleaning disposable microfibre cloth Blue

Disposable hand-sized cloths already folded for use. Non-woven, 70% polyester / 30% polyamide 100% ultra microfibre, 67g / m2 . W: 25cm (9'), D: 33cm (13').

Replacement pack of 100 blades

Replacement pack of 100 blades

Unprinted yellow floor sign PS123 - to apply your own adhesive sign (not supplied)

Plain, Safety Sign floor sign. Unprinted, Blank, Free-Standing, Folding A-Frame safety warning sign, 26" inch high. Can be printed or fix own graphics adhesive labels both sides. Ideal for printers / signwriters - PS 123 PLAIN.
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Hygiene threaded - screw fit socket Mop - 200grm - Blue

  • 200grm Hygiene socket mop 12PY 12FY
  • Long lasting improved performance
  • Colour coded plastic mop sockets with threaded socket
  • Screws onto mop handle / pole
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Industrial Trigger Sprayer Complete - Red

Industrial Hand Sprayer Complete - Colour coded - RED, adjustable trigger sprayers. Combination of the sturdy 922 natural Bottle and durable 923 Red trigger spray top.
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Solvent Resistant Trigger Spray Complete

Solvent resistant 600ml Trigger sprayer for use with greater resistance to petroleum based solvents, engine degreaser, lubricants etc. Not suitable acids.
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