CARBON OFF 2 & 2 CATERSAN - Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Degreaser and Oven Cleaner 4 pack Special Offer

  • 2 x 5 lt Carbon Off (Oven Cleaner Gel)
  • 2 x 5lt Catersan Kitchen Degreaser
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Removal Gel
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Degreaser
  • Concentrated Industrial Anti-Bacterial Food Sanitiser
  • Spectacular performance
  • Video demonstration
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Mixed Box:    2 x 5 Lt  CARBON-OFF Oven Cleaner Gel. Plus 2 x 5 Lt  CATERSAN - Professional Kitchen Degreaser  (refills 420 trig bottles)

                          Colour Coded Pump Dispenser   &    2 Yellow Trigger Sprayers



Click:     CARBON-OFF   or    CATERSAN   (opens in separate window)


Keep hotel & restaurant overheads down.

Scroll down for video in hotel, restaurant kitchen degreasing.

Group and contract prices can include cleaning schedules, regular hygiene audits and staff training (subject to availability).

Dynamic Chemical's Catersan M.S.D.S. available in any European language.

Catersan kitchen degreaser video link

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Download Dynamic Chemical's Hotel, Restaurant kitchen degreaser, Catersan MSDS pdf (English)

Email request for Data Sheet in other EC language (specify)

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