3 x 5Lt Catersan Degreaser & 1 x 5 Lt BS EN1276 Surface Sanitiser

  • 3 x 5lt Catersan Kitchen Degreaser
  • 1 x 5lt BS EN1276 Surface Disinfectant/Sanitiser
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Degreaser
  • Spectacular performance
  • Video Demonstration
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KITCHEN SPECIAL!  Be prepared for the EHO visit.

You will be asked if you have checked that the chemicals you are using comply with BS EN 1276. AND.... The correct procedure, dilution and contact times to prevent contamination on critical surfaces. How can you be sure the correct chemical is being used?

1 box      

                 3x5Litre CATERSAN Professional Kitchen degreaser chemical concentrate.

                 1x5Litre COOK SAFE SURFACE SANITISER Complies to BS EN 1276 & EN1650


                  Plus  2 Ouncematic (Pelican) pump for measuring concentrate to sprayer, &

                  2 colour coded sprayers, and colour coded wallchart  F.O.C!


Anti-Bacterial; Hotel, restaurant, Kitchen Degreaser and surface sanitiser

Catersan saves cleaning costs by working immediately and quicker. No scrubbing means less labour costs. Keep hotel & restaurant overheads down.

Scroll down for video in hotel, restaurant kitchen degreasing.

CATERSAN combines concentrated degreasing, emulsifying and sanitising properties, specifically formulated for industrial hotel & restaurant kitchens, to degrease, clean and disinfect surfaces for total sanitation.

OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCT, and has been for over 20 YEARS!

 Save money! One product for ALL kitchen cleaning tasks, and its only 10p!.


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One of our colour coded product range of Hotel products, product now coloured YELLOW.

Use with a yellow trigger sprayer, one product for ALL kitchen cleaning.

Catersan is widely used in hotels and restaurants throughout the UK, due to the fact it is probably the cheapest industrial kitchen degreaser to use. The product concentrate which you receive can be diluted down to any strength to tackle any kitchen cleaning problem, including fire and smoke damage.

The normal dilution for a heavily stained kitchen is 1:15, one part Catersan Concentrate to 15 parts water. In extreme situations it could be diluted 1:5 but this is highly unlikely. The usual dilution for normal daily clean downs is 1:30 but it is reassuring to know that no matter how bad any stain is it can be made much stronger to tackle anything.

The powerful "Quat" "QAC" biocide the anti-bacterial ingredient is effective up to 1:80 for surface sanitising during service.

At the heavy duty dilution of 1:15 it will clean glass fronted oven with a gentle wipe with a green scourer, and spills around gas burners keeping operational surfaces as clean as possible.

Mix with hot water for dramatic effect to see grease just running off wall tiles, kitchen canopy or slippy greasy floors. Any unused product left in sprayer is not wasted, as it works cold too. Keep several sprayers filled around your kitchen to clean up spills as you go, and keep surfaces bacteria free.


CATERSAN is a powerful Degreaser which performs spectacularly when sprayed onto greasy kitchen surfaces. Immediately dissolving and emulsifying the grease and running down surface making wiping or mopping up effortless. It not only cleans with little scrubbing, it destroys both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and is even effective on Staphylococcus . Cleans heavily grease stained kitchen canopies with little or no scrubbing. Cleaning kitchen tiles, use in sprayer with warm water and watch grease just run off. Brilliant for cleaning pizza or glass door ovens. While oven is hot, spray on and allow 10 - 15 seconds, then wipe with a green scourer pad to easily remove burnt grease. Dilute 1:10 parts warm water to use as a hot oven cleaner. Excellent Degreaser for kitchen canopies, tiled walls and floors.


Can be used on any kitchen surface and will not damage metals, plastic, rubber, glass, paint, ceramic or cement surfaces. Contains no perfumes or dyes, and leaves no toxic residues after rinsing. Non polluting and keeps drains free flowing. 


CATERSAN is usually used in cold water. On heavily stained "one off" clean downs use with hot water. Is exceptional in high pressure or foam spray equipment, even when solution applied cold. EXCELLENT for immersion cleaning of utensils and extraction filters. Use as a Hot Oven Cleaning spray. Use as surface sanitiser or prepare paper probe wipes with spray of diluted Catersan.


The powerful balanced formulation of CATERSAN gives quick effective results without any hard scrubbing. One product for total cleaning and sanitising. Cuts labour costs. NO RINSING NECESSARY. 


CATERSAN can be used at dilutions up to 100:1 with the elimination of costly rinsing operations, combined with ease of application. Savings up to 50% can be achieved. Replaces several products in an industrial kitchen making C.O.S.H.H, staff training, reduces storage area, stock levels, ordering and cost control much easier. ONE PRODUCT FOR EVERY KITCHEN CLEANING TASK, and it works amazingly! 


CATERSAN  can be either sprayed, mopped or wiped on. Problem Kitchen floors? First erect wet floor warning signs (folding or A-Frame type)at each entry point. Mix only a small amount of HOT water in the bottom of a bucket (ONLY enough to wet the whole floor) then add relevant amount of product (Catersan) to bucket. Apply product by mop or simply sluice over Floor and spread. Using a deck scrubber or stiff sweeping brush, lightly agitate (brush in) the product which will lather slightly, then using a Floor Squeegee remove the dirty water. For best results rinse with a hose or a bucket of fresh water. Your floor should be like brand new!

No minimum order. It may appear expensive buying just 1 x 5 litre. Each 5 litre refills 210 sprayers averaging only 12 pence per sprayer. Boxes of 4 x 5 litre boxes attract a discount meaning a sprayer costs less than 10p, ( products can be mixed to fill a box) and generally delivered free! to mainland UK. See bottom of page for pricing discounts.

Have a cleaning problem? and not sure if this product will solve your problem, email or call us and we will advise.

The best way to decide if this is the best hotel, restaurant kitchen degreaser is to buy some. Why not make up a box to take advantage of our discount offer and try Carbon-Off, Its Magic or Its Magic Too as well. You won't be disappointed. Next day delivery service throughout UK mainland. Used properly you wont find any other product more effective or cheaper. On longer term contracts we can supply plumbed in dispensing centres to ensure the product is used at the correct dilution ensuring maximum economy.

Available to householders who need or want to use professional products and enjoy the savings by diluting the products at home.

A tip from one of our customers: It is also amazing at cleaning the brown staining he gets from brake dust on his alloy wheels (diluted at 1:10 with water), it is not acid, so will not harm them.

Group and contract prices can include cleaning schedules, regular hygiene audits and staff training (subject to availability).

Dynamic Chemical's Catersan M.S.D.S. available in any European language.

Catersan kitchen degreaser video link

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Download Dynamic Chemical's Hotel, Restaurant kitchen degreaser, Catersan MSDS pdf (English)

Email request for Data Sheet in other EC language (specify)

Included in box 1 x5 Litre COOK SAFE EN 1276 SURFACE SANITISER

Complies to  BS EN 1276 & EN1650

Many products available on the market are sold as anti-bacterial (bactericidal) or claim to kill 99.99% of known bacteria. This is not sufficient in any professional kitchen or food processing area including butchers, food production, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, nursing homes down to the smallest B&B or even a snack van. Cook Safe Surface Sanitiser kills 100% of specified bacteria at the correct strength and correct contact time.

This item is for 1x5 litre Surface Sanitiser. Please have a look at other packages in the range we offer with mixed boxes with a range of products, dosing equipment to achieve correct dilution, colour coded wall chart and colour coded sprayers, for instant compliance with the regulations. You can also pick and organise products to suit your own circumstances.

Cook Safe is not just a single biocide, but blended Quaternary Ammonium Compounds which has been Tested and exceeds tests set out in BS EN 1276 for bacteria found in food production & kitchen areas. Also suitable for all critical surfaces including all front of house, public area and toilets and washrooms.

We strongly recommend accurate dispensing equipment and adherance to contact times for known risks. Finally wiping should be with a clean wipe such as papel towel and disposed of directly to the bin.

Cook Safe procedure for preventing cross contamination requires sanitising surface and wiping with disposable wipe after cleaning food preparation surfaces.

Originally produced colourless (Now a light green) with no fragrance, can be customised to suit any product colour coding and fragranced (fragrance not suitable for food production areas. Unless specified product will be supplied in a light green colour for easy identification and for use in a planned colour coded sprayer.

Economical. Dilutes 1:80 for "Clean" application or 1:40 for cleaning operations. Minimum wet contact time 1 minute.

Average cost per trig sprayer is only 3p.

N.B. Contact times must be observed, and surface wiped with a clean disposable wipe such as paper, and binned after use.

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