How to clean stains from carpets upholstery

How to clean most stubborn stains from carpets or upholstery

In any hotel, restaurant or bar there are regular spills onto carpets, seats and upholstery every day. Sometimes they can be a real problem to clean effectively.

A sprayer of ITS MAGIC diluted at 1:15 with water will clean almost any stain from carpets and upholstery in seconds. At this dilution it only costs about 16p.

Coffee stains, red wine, cola, pet stains, shoe polish, even photocopier toner.

Simply spray a couple of sprays onto the stain and wipe with a cloth if caught while stain is still wet. If dried in the wet stain with spray of Its Magic, then agitate lightly with a soft brush, e.g. a nail brush and you will see the stain dissolve and float into the foam. Remove with a cloth or paper wiper.

Its Magic is safe on carpets, soft furnishings, leather, vinyl,upvc and painted surfaces. Quite often asked, is this the best cleaning product available? Try it and you'l find "Its Magic".

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