Its Magic 5 - Multi hard surface cleaner concentrate

  • Super-concentrated
  • Multi purpose cleaning
  • Powerful Industrial SAFE Degreaser
  • Effortless, fast and easy to use.
  • AMAZING! Cleans absolutely Everything Easily
  • Dilute to different ratio for hundreds of cleaning problems.
  • Formerly DYCHEM ELBOW GREASE formula unchanged
  • Supplied in as little as 5 litre containers.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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No minimum order, buying just 1 x 5 litre refills 210 sprayers averaging only 12 pence per sprayer. Boxes of 4 x 5 litre boxes attract a discount (and products can be mixed to fill a box) and generally delivered free! to mainland UK. See bottom of page for pricing discounts.

Product is available to buy in 1 x 5 litre single container, although it is not very economical to deliver this quantity (liquids cannot be supplied via Royal Mail post). Usual orders are for a box of 4 x 5 litres, which can be made up of four different products which are delivered for the same cost as just 1 bottle. You can collect from our office ML11 0JN. Although this product is usually never out of stock, it is advisable to call first to make sure we will be open and stock reserved before collection.


Its Magic Dilution Chart 
Dilution Product Use 500ml
sprayer cost
10:1 Heavy Duty degreaser for 'spring cleaning' grease from concrete, machines, walls, floors. 25p
12:1 Painter and decorator sugar soap safe substitute. Painting preparation. No neutralising required. 20p
15:1 General purpose heavy duty degreaser, laundry pre wash. 16p
20:1 Normal dilution Problem cleaning nicotine from walls, stubborn stains, spot cleaning carpets or upholstery. 12p
30:1 Extraction detergent for carpet cleaning or upholsteryng machine, high traffic fllors, ceramic tiles any stained hard surfaces. 9p
40:1 Normal dilution for surface cleaning.


80:1 Floor machine or scrubber wash drier detergent and general light moppping. 3p
200:1 Window, glass, mirror, double glazing cleaner, no streaks. 1.5p


ITS MAGIC is a very powerful water based solvent degreaser which performs spectacularly when sprayed onto dirty greasy surfaces. Immediately dissolving and emulsifying the soil, running down surface making wiping or mopping up effortless. It not only cleans with little scrubbing, it reduces labour cost making this a very economical product, cleaning surfaces properly  - FIRST TIME !

Long time trade secret cleaner of the industrial sector, and originally more commonly used in engineering, green keepers for lawnmower maintenance or garage & transport areas, now widely used in hotels, pubs and taxi companies for thorough cleaning of public areas.

Excellent degreaser for kitchen canopies, tiled walls and floors.


Can be used on any surface and will not damage metals, plastic, rubber, glass, paint, ceramic or cement surfaces. Contains no perfumes or dyes, and leaves no toxic residues after rinsing. Non polluting and keeps drains free flowing.


ITS MAGIC works best in warm water. Most commonly used with cold water via sprayer, is exceptional in high pressure or foam spray equipment. EXCELLENT for immersion or ultrasonic cleaning of utensils and extraction filters.


The powerful balanced formulation of ITS MAGIC gives quick effective results, NO hard scrubbing. One product for total cleaning. Cuts labour costs. NO RINSING NECESSARY.


ITS MAGIC can be used at dilutions up to 200:1 with the elimination of costly rinsing operations, combined with ease of application. Savings up to 50% can be achieved.


ITS MAGIC can be either sprayed, mopped or wiped on. Also suitable for machine use. (NB if low foam require eg. extraction machine see ITS MAGIC TOO!)

Water based - Cleans Floors, Walls, Upholstery, Carpets, Wood, Plastic, Vinyl. Fast and Effortless.

Unbelievable! ITS MAGIC.  General Purpose Supercleaner. EFFECTIVE. Concentrate diluted at approx 20:1 with water means a ready to use sprayer only costs 12p. Effortless cleaning problem stains and surfaces. BEFORE/ AFTER PICTURES

Can be used in Engineering workshops for cleaning down machinery or flushing out lathes, engines and radiators.

Offices, Factories, Pubs and clubs for deep cleaning floors, carpet and upholstery.

Car valetingTruckbus and taxi cleaningsmoke and fire damage, any commercial or industrial surface or floor that requires deep cleaning back to original look. We used to market this as Elbow Grease but changed the name due to customer comments"ITS MAGIC".

One product for ALL cleaning tasks.

We are principally a business to business site, therefore pricing is excluding VAT.

Formerly  DYCHEM ELBOW GREASE formula unchanged.

Group and contract prices can include cleaning schedules, hygiene audits and staff training (subject to availability).

Dynamic Chemical's ITS MAGIC MSDS available in any European language.

We also supply to householders who need or want to use professional products and enjoy the savings by diluting the products at home.

A tip from one of our customers: It is also amazing at cleaning the green grass stains from childrens clothes or tide marks on collars or cuffs of shirts before laundering. Recommended for greenkeepers for cleanung grass stains from lawnmowers. Motor cycle cleaner. Safe on all surfaces and fabrics, so will not harm them.



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