50cm (20") Complete SilverBrand Window Squeegee

Commercial Window Squeegee Complete

  • Window Cleaners 50cm (20" inch) Window Squeegee
  • Silverbrand Professional Window Tools
  • Complete Window Cleaners 20" Window Squeegee
  • Squeegee, standard handle & "Pulex" Professional Rubber.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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SKU: 750
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Professional Window Cleaners 50cm (20" inch) Chrome finish Window Squeegee

  • Window Cleaners 50cm (20" inch) Window Squeegee
  • Silverbrand Professional Window Tools
  • Window Cleaners 20" Window Squeegee
  • Complete Squeegee, standard handle & Pulex professional rubber.

This model is better suited to for homeowners own use as it does not have clips to hold / tension rubber, it is simply secured by a thumb push and can be securely tightened up with a screwdriver.

Squeegee handle is tapered to accept a push fit telescopic pole for cleaning high windows.

Fitted with Professional's choice "Pulex" rubber.

Replacement "Pulex" rubbers available on our site.

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