Fibre glass composite kentucky mop shaft (handle and mop holder) coloured - Blue

Kentucky Mop Holder Complete - BLUE colour coded pole, handle and mop holder COMPLETE. Fibre Glass light weight composite shaft, with blue plastic kentucky mop bracket and clip. Dimensions: 1370mm (54" inch) x 24mm (15/16"inch)
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
Availability: In stock
SKU: 555BL
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Colour coded BLUE, Fibre Glass Kentucky mop pole shaft, with blue plastic mop holder, clip with Blue Handle grip.

Most popular hygienic mop shaft, pole and handle for use with all of our kentucky mops.

Light weight, hygienic colour coded pole with easy clip release and positive snap close clip. replacement mop holders available on site.

Dimensions: 1370mm (54" inch) x 24mm (15/16" inch)

Available in a range of colours to prevent cross contamination. See suggested colour coding below.

High gloss finish to composite glass fibre material is light weight, sturdy and gives excellent hygienic properties for kentucky floor mopping.

Colour code Blue (general purpose) 1370mm (54" inch) x 24mm (15/16" inch)

Complete Kentucky Mop holder and colour coded handle.

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