Krystal - 25 litres

  • Anti-bacterial Hand dishwashing detergent
  • Supplied in 25 litre containers
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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KRYSTAL is a concentrated synthetic detergent specially manufactured to combine the latest chemical technology with the needs of the catering professional. Krystal is a viscous detergent in our normal 5 litre container or at the same activity but a thinner consistency in 25 litre drums to make pump dispensing easier. The product can also be supplied with a bright lemon perfumes.


Dilutes at 360: 1 for low cost dish and pot washing. One product replaces up to five ordinary cleaning products. Dispenser controls waste therefore reducing material cost. Krystal contains a suds booster to minimise wastage.


Bactericidal does not affect the sustained foam booster therefore holds suds. Easily removes most stains from dishes without heavy scrubbing. May be used diluted in a trigger spray as a general-purpose cleaner, a surface sanitizer or in a bucket for mopping floors. KRYSTAL's high concentration allows the versatility to replace many other cleaning products.


Biodegradable and no toxic fumes. Neutral pH formula isgentle on hands. Harmless to any water tolerant surface.


Canteens, cafes, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges, office and vehicle cleaning, vinyl, plastic, glass and painted surfaces.

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