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Disposable Litter picker, Childrens Kids Litter Picking

Disposable litter picker. Childrens Litter Picker. One-hand operation, easy to use handle/trigger activates grip and release mechanism. Head swivels through 360 degrees. Weatherproof rigid ABS. Rustproof and low maintenance. 30" inch 77cm. Economy mini gripper.

Spike Litter Picker

Spike Litter Picker. Original style litter picking tool similar to nail on stick. Comfortable grip handle. Lightweight aluminium tubular shaft with strong steel spike. 36" inches, 91cm.

Childrens shorter reach litter-picker tool 28" inch 70cm

Litter Picker. Short length reach mechanical gripper tool. 28"inch,(70cm). Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction, full hand lever grip. Ideal for elderly reach tool or children's litter-picking. Length 28inch (70cm)

School Childrens Litter Picking 446 Buddy Kit

School and childrens club - School Litter Picking Buddy Kit. Childrens LitterPicker and two Kids Handy Hoop Bag holders. Currently Unavailable due to inability to source Handy Hoops!
From £31.50

Adult Litterpicker, lever operation 39"inch, 1 metre

Litter Picker. Extra long reach mechanical gripper tool. 39", 3 feet 3inch,(100cm)1 metre. Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction for working at length, full hand lever grip. Nipper grippers. Length 39"


MATCHING PAIR Left & Right SILICONE TIPS FOR EXTRA-SURE NIPPER 44100-44200 Replacement Silicone gripper tips for Nipper Litter Pickers. Fits the 1 metre and 2 metre Nipper lever gripped litter-pickers. Check Dynamic Chemicals website to see models of litter picker these item fit.

Extra EXTRA long reach Litterpicker gripper 2 metre 6 feet

Litter Picker. Extra long reach mechanical gripper tool. 2 metres (over six feet). 78" inch, 6 feet 6inch,(200cm). Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction for working at length, full hand lever grip, Nipper grippers.. Our Best selling extra long litter-picker online since 1996.

Multi-feature Litter Picker mechanical gripper 31", 79cm

Multi-feature litter picker mechanical gripper. **LOW STOCK** pistol squeeze grip operation. Magnetic tip, hook for picking rags. Sturdy construction. 31" inch, 79cm.

Original standard litter picker, mechanical gripper 32"inch 80cm

Original Length Long Arm litter picker - Mechanical gripper type. Standard length 32" 80cm. Good length for all round use. Suitable for operators 446
£18.40 £16.95

Tall Longer Litter Picker gripper 35"inch 89cm

Longer, Tall Person, of original Litter Picker gripper. Additional length for comfort of taller operators. Avoid stooping. Comfortable, ergonomic pistol handle. 35"inch (89cm) long litter picking tool.

Short Litter picker grabber gripper 18"inch 47cm

Short Litter picker grabber gripper 18"inch (47cm) Ideal tool for lifting items from urinals etc.

Litter Picker long tongs style

Tongs style litter picker. Particularly good for picking up larger pieces of paper litter or cloth. Positive grip on large types of litter. Dimensions 34 1/2" inch, 88cm.
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