Male Female In Attendance Plastic Safety Sign

'Male Female Cleaner in Attendance' Toilet Cleaning sign, printed on folding A-Frame safety warning yellow plastic floor sign, 26"inch high, printed both sides. Durable Yellow plastic. PS 123.
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Washroom, Toilet Cleaning Floor Warning Sign "Male Female Cleaner in attendance"

"Male Cleaner in Attendance" on one side, "Female Cleaner In Attendance" washroom cleaning, on other side of folding yellow plastic A-frame warning sign. Both messages over cleaner graphic and printed "Cleaning in Progress".

The A-Frame is made of Yellow plastic. The PS 123 is a quality, professional, yet light, A-Frame printed  folding safety sign, which is designed for mobility, folds flat so easily carried, folds to fit or hang on cleaners trolley, easily stored flat in a van and quickly erected into A-Frame with on hand.

We stock a range of various quality and types of floor signs with various messages, and in different languages, some tri-lingual signs.

Avoid accidents and injuries in the work place, unnecessary sick leave or legal claims.

Make sure staff, visitors and the general public are aware of attendants in facilities or any wet floors or slip hazards in the area.


Male Female Cleaner in Toilets, warning sign on Yellow, Free Standing Plastic A-frame folding Sign.

Folding A-Frame safety warning sign, 26" inch (66cm) high x  10 1/2"  (22.5cm) width, printed both sides.


One Washroom floor sign -two messages.

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