Mop holder only

Mop holder only
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Mop holder only

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RED Coloured hand grip - 540 Aluminium pole 54" screw fitting for mop, brush or floor squeegees.

Threaded Aluminium pole/ Hygiene Brush shaft & colour coded handle

  • Aluminium pole shaft Red Colour Coded grip Handle.
  • Suits Mop, Brush & Plastic Floor Squeegee
  • 15/16" inch diameter pole with threaded screw fitting at end

16oz (450grm) Colour coded stayflat looped mop

16oz (450grm) Colour coded stayflat looped mop Finest quality multi-fold cotton yarn to ensure maximum absorption and long life. Each mop comes with a four colour tab system. Select the colour tab you require for the area you are working in - cut-off and

Wall Hanger-Tidy Mop Pole Storage Gripper - Single - RED

Wall-Tidy, Colour -coded, Brush, Mop, Pole Hanger/ Storage Gripper - Single - RED Tidy up store-room, cleaning-cupboard rack, garage or shed. Easy fit, easy store, easy release engineered storage gripper for mop/ brush/ broom shafts. Ideal for building colour coded storage racks or shadow boards - Red.

'Caution Wet Floor' and "Cleaning in Progress" folding safety warning sign. A-Frame PS123

Economy "Caution Wet Floor" AND "Cleaning in Progress" dual message, folding A-Frame safety warning sign, 25' inch high, printed both sides. Durable Yellow plastic. PS 123. Economical,Cheap save money.

75cm (30" inch) H.D. industrial metal floor squeegee only (req pole 540)

Floor Squeegee H.D. Rubber

  • Professional Metal Floor Squeegee
  • HD Foam Blade 75cm (30" inch)
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Metal Floor Squeegee. - squeegee only
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