Nailbrush Colour-Coded Pack 8 - RED

Nailbrush Colour-Coded RED Pack 8
SKU: Nailbrush HB503
Delivery date: 1-2 working days **No Current Delays Due To Covid-19**

Nailbrush Colour-Coded RED - Pack of 8

Washable, hygiene brush for nails, good hand hygiene. Avoid cross contamination from using wrong equipment in wrong area or for isolating particular task.

Plastic nailbrushes are preferable for use in food production areas, food service as bacteria are less likely to be harboured in the structure. Completely washable and can be soaked for sterilisation.

Good sturdy high quality hygiene coloured nail brush. Packed in packs of 8.

Various Colour Nail-brushes Available single elsewhere on our site. Cant find what you are looking for, use online chat assistant, email or phone, were here to help you.

Nailbrush Colour-Coded Blue  Pack of 8

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