Original standard litter picker, mechanical gripper 32"inch 80cm

Original Length Long Arm litter picker - Mechanical gripper type. Standard length 32" 80cm. Good length for all round use. Suitable for operators 446
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Original Standard Length Litter Picker Mechanical Gripper Tool 32" 80cm

Our original and still our best selling litter picker. Robust, hardy construction from aluminium box section with nylon reinforcement filler.

New ergonomic, soft feel, comfortable pistol grip handle. Upgraded trigger with same action operation.

Simple mechanics, Practical single moving jaw action provides firm grip on all types of litter. Suitable for picking up cans, bottles, waste paper, bags, in fact most waste items. Standard length 32" 80cm.

Simple design with hard wearing jaw components makes this a very hard wearing litter picking tool.

We would recommend a longer litter picker for operators over 6 feet tall particularly if tool being used for full shifts on a continuous basis.

446 Mechanical gripper

Make the litter picking task easier with a bag holding hoop, holds the waste sack or black bin bag open making collecting litter much easier. Available in 2 sizes, large and small. Click Here (Opens in a new window)


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