Ouncematic pelican pump dispenser 5 litre 40mm neck

  • Ouncematic pelican pump dispenser for 5 litre containers, 40mm thread neck
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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Ouncematic Pelican pump 5litre dispenser


Low on stock, not sold separately

(some reserved stock for use with box of ViruSafe)

A simple quick, easy to install pump for dispensing liquids from 5 lt containers with 40mm neck.

Pelican pump/ Ouncematic dispenser dispenses (an ounce) 30ml per full squirt. This is a simple method of dispensing/ controlling detergent from 5 litre bottles.

A collar can be fitted to adjust the amount dispensed up to 30ml.


If buying to use with OUR products this is the wrong dispenser as we pack in 5 litre containers with a 38mm neck.

This Pump dispenser is fitted with a 40mm closure to suit a different 5 litre container with 40mm threaded neck

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