Carbon Off - Oven Cleaning Chemical Product - 4 pack Special Offer

  • Thick Oven Cleaner Gel
  • Oven Cleaning Chemcals Gel
  • QUICKLY and EASILY Cleans Carbon
  • Ideal on tough burnt on food
  • Removes the build ups on ovens and cookers.
  • Cleans in under 30 minutes
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Carbon Off: Oven Cleaning, Chemical Cooker & Grill Cleaner

Professional Catering Product:  Cooker, Oven Carbon Removing Gel Cleaner.

Carbon off is a powerful oven cleaning chemical gel which adheres to oven roof and walls that CLEANS QUICK IN 20 MINUTES. Busy Hotel, Restaurant, Fast Food industry kitchens quickly generate burnt on food deposits on hobs, stoves, ovens, grills and cookers. Carbon-Off is an essential deep clean product.

Oven Cleaner Before pictures of CARBON OFF removing burnt on food on cooker grill
Oven Cleaner After pictures of CARBON OFF removing burnt on food on cooker gril

Carbon Off quickly dissolves and removes all burnt on deposits of grease, food, sugar, carbon, and other stubborn soils found on ovens, grills, kitchen equipment and utensils.

This an essential product to keep in the Industrial Kitchen for occasional use or deep clean. Best used at the end of service, while the cooker, hob or oven is hot.

Carbon Off is a viscous, syrupy Oven Cleaning, Chemical Gel which spreads easily, yet adheres to oven roof and walls to quickly remove burnt on carbon deposits.

Available in single 5 litre, box 4x5ltr (can be mixed in box with other products).Bulk trade rate for Oven Cleaners.

Clean ovens let your customer see the food cooking, and sell more!

To clean Pizza Oven Doors, Chicken Rotisserie and Oven Glass doors, even during service (when oven is empty). Open door and spray inside of glass with Hot Oven Wash solution of our kitchen degreaser and agitate with a green scourer to maintain Glass clean.
Any stubborn stains can be quickly removed at end of service with Carbon Off.

Dynamic Chemical's Carbon Off    M.S.D.S. available in any European language.



 Harmless to glass doors and enamel surfaces. CARBON-OFF is non-flammable. Leaves no residue after rinsing.

Powerful penetrating chemical formula begins to work on contact. No agitation is required. The rapid action solvent system emulsifies the most stubborn residues in approximately 20-30 minutes. Gel formula adheres to vertical surfaces.

Only small amounts needed for heaviest deposits CARBON-OFF is quick and complete cleaning reduces time and costs. One product for removal of heavy deposits form most kitchen equipment. If used for system cleaning in conjunction with CATERSAN no other products are required.

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Cleaning Tip: Quickest way to clean your oven

Traditionally, ovens were cleaned using oven gel all over. For the most economical and quickest results we recommend to use a 1:10 solution of our kitchen degreaser to do a Hot Oven Wash down first. This usually only takes 5 minutes as you will see the grease running off, removes 80% of the grease, greatly reducing the amount of Carbon Off required.


The oven should still be hot, but not too hot that it dries the product (ideal temp. 70 - 90 degrees C), then apply Carbon Off to the areas which are left.


Always work from bottom to top to reduce chance of any product falling down onto hands or arms.


Allow 15 - 20 minutes then test areas by starting to remove gel. If any streaking or dried on gel can be easily removed with a sprayer of our kitchen degreaser (normal dilution of 1:20 / 1:30).

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