Plastic Drum Pump with closure to suit 205lt and 25-30 litre container

Plastic Econo Drum Pump with closure to suit 205lt metal and 25-30 litre container Chemical resistant polyethylene construction. 2oz (58ml), 4oz (115ml), 6oz (173ml) or 8oz (239ml) measured doses per stroke. Can fit all drums.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
SKU: 330-25
Old price: £21.95

Plastic Econo Drum Pump. Measured dosage per stroke. 

Threaded to fit metal drums and adapter supplied for 25-30 litre container.

Separate accessory available on website to adapt to 205 litre plastic drums, details below.

Chemical resistant polyethylene construction to resist most chemicals, oils and detergents.

Can adjust dispense quantity per stroke from 240ml ( 8oz), 175ml ( 6oz) 115ml ( 4oz) to 60ml (2oz).

3/4 inch and 2 inch thread to fit metal drums, Closure to suit 25-30 litre container. Adapter to suit Senior Rieke Flexspout, or to fit to pail lid. Item 

Adaptor for 330 pump to fit 200 litre plastic barrels

Adjustable measured deliveries. Ideal transfer pump for oils.

Continental Manufacturing. Model 330-12