Replacement end cone for telescopic pole

Replacement end cone for telescopic pole
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
Replacement end cone for telescopic pole
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GREEN Coloured hand grip - Aluminium pole 54" screw fitting for mop, brush or floor squeegees.

Threaded Aluminium pole/ Hygiene Brush shaft & colour coded handle

  • Aluminium pole shaft Green Colour Coded grip Handle.
  • Suits Mop, Brush & Plastic Floor Squeegee
  • 15/16" inch diameter pole with threaded screw fitting at end

Cobweb and dust collector

Cobweb and dust collector brush. Heavy duty soft bristle on a strong and durable wire frame. Fits onto telescopic poles for high level dusting or spiders webs.

Catersan - CATERING Degreaser Concentrate 5 Litre Quantity Discounts

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Degreaser
  • QUICK and EASY to use
  • Spectacular performance
  • Average Cost per spray bottle 10p
  • Price Breaks Available
From £15.50

Deck Scrubber Hygiene Brush 23cm 9 inch - Green

Deck Scrubber - Hygiene Brush 23cm 9" inch, Colour Coded - Green

  • easier scrubbing heavily soiled floors, large footprint
  • Stiff moulded bristles Deck Scrubbing Brush with threaded socket.
  • Easily built up with optional screw in Aluminium hygiene pole or fibre glass handle

35cm (14" inch) Ind. Floor Squeegee - Colour GREEN Plastic Frame

Coloured Ind. Plastic HD Foam - Floor Squeegee - GREEN

  • Professional Floor Squeegee Colour Coded - GREEN
  • HD Foam Blade 35cm (14' inch)
  • (Hygienic Plastic) squeegee only

Beam Pipe cobweb dusting brush

Beam Pipe cobweb dusting brush. Fits onto telescopic poles and enables access to top of beams or around top of pipes.