• Acid descaler removing rust or cement from wide range of surfaces
  • Rust Remover
  • Powerful Professional Strength 18% Hcl
  • Supplied in 5 litre containers, 25 litre & 205 litre drums
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Rust & Mortar Remover (Descaling Acid).

Dynamic Chemical's RUST OFF is a safe, easy to use de-scaling cleaner which quickly removes rust, corrosion, mineral deposits, algae, concrete and scum. Also used as a concentrate for making brick cleaning acid.

No fumes. May be used on all surfaces of condensers and boilers. When diluted, RUST OFF is harmless to most paints and finishes and is easy on hands. Contains special rust inhibitors.

Apply by brushing, spraying or soaking. No hard scrubbing required. Rinse away with clean water.

Begins working immediately on application. Special penetrating agents give deep cleaning action.

RUST OFF is concentrated and minimises cleaning time and labour cost (can cut this in half). No other cleaning products for de-scaling are needed. Stores indefinitely without deterioration.

RUST OFF not only removes scale, corrosion and cement but also cleans oil stained porous concrete.

Air conditioning condensers, boilers, cooling towers, water meters, decorative stone, fireplaces, removing mortar, removing concrete from trucks, bins, tubing, deep cleaning stained concrete floors, eliminating smooth and slippery conditions on concrete surfaces.

Rust & Mortar Remover (Descaling Acid). Dynamic Chemical's RUST OFF is a safe, easy to use de-scaling cleaner which quickly removes rust

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