School Childrens Litter Picking 446 Buddy Kit

School and childrens club - School Litter Picking Buddy Kit. Childrens LitterPicker and two Kids Handy Hoop Bag holders. Currently Unavailable due to inability to source Handy Hoops!
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School Children's Litter picking Kit. Litter Picker and TWO Childrens Handy Hoop bin bag holders.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE due to discontinuation of source Handy Hoops!

Trying to source a similar item, hopefully back shortly


School childrens Litter picker buddy kit PLUS TWO Bag Holders.

Environmental Clean Up. Getting the best from your litter picking exercise depends on the attitude and motivation of the kids.

Creating TEAM SPIRIT and Competitiveness is key.

It is team building and highly motivational while teaching environmental awareness as well as how to engage within a team, socialise and also winning!

Children are teamed into two's with a Handy Hoop each, but just one Litter Picker. As you know kids can quickly lose concentration on a task, however with just one litter picker between them, they can't wait to get it off the other and pick more rubbish than the other before it is claimed back. Losing use of the litter picker creates the desire to get it back,  and get back to work, while if there is some recognition or less importantly a prize, at the end, which team collects the most keep their competitiveness and long term motivation.

Motivate your litter Pickers

Overall, you achieve your objective of clearing maximum amount of litter, and the children enjoy the "game" which they create, the competitiveness between the buddies, and the overall competition of the group.

This also teaches the kids that work can be fun and rewarding. Teachers also learn a lot from the reaction and results of the kid's reaction to the task, showing individuals who respond to competition, motivation, work well within a team or sometimes highlighting children who need mentoring to cope with competition.

Kit includes a standard length 32" Litter Picker (Grabber) (suitable for kids aged 8 - 14 years old), and two 350mm diam. bag holders (Effectively 2nd hoop Free of Charge). 5% discount for 5 kits, and 10% discount on purchases over 10 kits.

For toddlers, children aged below 7yrs or small children please email for a code for short reach litter picker.

N.B. Childrens small Handy Hoop, bag holder is 350mm diameter which means it uses a smaller bag than a bin bag; in fact it can be used with supermarket carrier bags, or large swing bin liners.

If supervisors are going to be transferring rubbish collected by kids to transfer to traditional black bin bags it is suggested that "Teacher" also buys at least one adult (Large) bin bag holder for easier transfer of litter.

This equipment is professional equipment used by council employees and industrial cleaners nationwide. This means that your equipment can be used for years to come. If you are working on a tight budget look at our disposable litter pickers, which we would only recommend for a one-off clean up.

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