Short Litter picker grabber gripper 18"inch 47cm

Short Litter picker grabber gripper 18"inch (47cm) Ideal tool for lifting items from urinals etc.
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Short Litter picker grabber gripper 18"inch (47cm)

Litter picker, short for removal of items from raised areas such as removing items from urinals, toilet bowls, and shallow drains.

Suitable as litter picker for wheelchair users or as a reach tool.

Short reach means a more direct feel for recovery of very fine items such as hazardous waste such as needles. Soft flexible jaws enable this and also the larger litter pickers (with this duck bill type jaw) to pick up very small items, such as sharps, needles, broken glass, syringes.

Dimensions: Length 18" inches,  47 cm

Make the litter picking task easier with a bag holding hoop, holds the waste sack or black bin bag open making collecting litter much easier. Available in 2 sizes, large and small. Click Here (Opens in a new window)

Short Arm gripper 18" (47cm)

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