Spray clean pads (pack of 10)

Spray clean pads (pack of 10)
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Spray clean pads (pack of 10)

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Caddy Clean - Optional 1.7 litre detergent solution tank

Optional 1.7 litre detergent solution tank for CADDY CLEAN Machine. Includes internal pump, power cable, chemical delivery, nozzle and nozzle clip.

Polishing pads (pack of 10)

Polishing pads (pack of 10)

Caddy Clean - Spare battery, cable and case

Caddy Clean Replacement battery - Complete, cable, plug and leather case. Replacement battery or Diagnostic/ Checking service on faulty Caddy Clean Battery or charger. This Item is now discontinued see New Li-on Battery replacement and Li-on Charger

Scrub/strip pads (pack of 10)

Scrub/strip pads (pack of 10)

Standard Brush (pack of 2)

Caddy Clean Standard replacement brushes (pair) Set of two standard white bristled brushes for caddy clean, battery operated floor scrubbing machine. Standard Brush (pack of 2)
£39.80 £37.00

Caddy Clean - Smallest, Lightest Professional scrubbing machine. Basic Starter Pack.

  • BASIC Machine Starter Pack
  • This 2019 SPRING CLEANING OFFER Special Offer
  • No trailing wires means truly portable, no Trip Hazard
  • Excellent for STAIRS and TOILETS
  • INCLUDES Machine, Telescopic Handle, Battery Pack & 240V Charger
  • Set of brushes, Grip Discs, Assorted Pads
£514.00 £479.95
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