Epoxy coated steel pole handle shaft and grip only

Epoxy coated steel 54" inch (137cm) x 15/16" inch (24mm)handle and grip only. HD Handle for FLOOR SCRAPER OR FLOOR SQUEEGEE.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
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Steel Handle/ Pole/ Shaft, Epoxy coated red

steel 54" inch  x 15/16" inch  (137cm x 24mm) handle and grip only.


Epoxy coated steel tube 54"inch x 15/16'"inch handle and grip only. Robust, sturdy suitable for heavy duty applications such as floor scraping or HD floor squeegeeing. Item is quite heavy!


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Floor Squeegee H.D. Rubber

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  • HD Foam Blade 75cm (30" inch)
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Metal Floor Squeegee. - squeegee only

GREEN Coloured hand grip - 540 Aluminium pole 54" screw fitting for mop, brush or floor squeegees.

Threaded Aluminium pole/ Hygiene Brush shaft & colour coded handle

  • Aluminium pole shaft Green Colour Coded grip Handle.
  • Suits Mop, Brush & Plastic Floor Squeegee
  • 15/16" inch diameter pole with threaded screw fitting at end

45cm (18" inch) H.D. metal floor squeegee only (req pole 101ho)

H.D. Best Rubber Metal Floor Squeegee, steel frame. Recommended for boarding Kennels, removes dog hairs when squeegeeing floor

  • Professional Floor Squeegee
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Deck Scrubber Hygiene Brush 23cm 9 inch - Red

Deck Scrubber - Hygiene Brush 23cm 9" inch, Colour Coded - Red

  • easier scrubbing heavily soiled floors, large footprint
  • Stiff moulded bristles Deck Scrubbing Brush with threaded socket.
  • Easily built up with optional screw in Aluminium hygiene pole or fibre glass handle

Hygiene - Grout Scrubbing Brush 22 Red

Grout DEEP CLEAN Scrubbing brush.

  • Colour coded Red Hygiene brush.
  • Unique "V" shaped head
  • Directional swivel socket for efficient scrubbing.
  • Threaded for screw fit pole
  • 22cm, 9" inches.
  • £7.99
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