Tall Longer Litter Picker gripper 35"inch 89cm

Longer, Tall Person, of original Litter Picker gripper. Additional length for comfort of taller operators. Avoid stooping. Comfortable, ergonomic pistol handle. 35"inch (89cm) long litter picking tool.
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Longer Litter Picker gripper designed for taller operators 35"inch (89cm)

New longer length litter picker for industrial, professional use. Perhaps the most proven design, with extra 3 inch length on shaft and new grip and jaw design. This design of litter picker will pick up just about every type of litter, cans, bottles, paper bags and small items like cigarette ends. 

Longer Litter Picker gripper. Additional length (from the standard 32") for the comfort of taller operators. Avoid stooping  35"inch (89cm) with long litter picking tool. Longer length reduces the risk of RSI from repetetive bending, allowing taller operators to remain upright while working.

Ergonomic pistol grip with trigger operation.

Buying a litter picker too long can cause as many problems as buying one too short. Use a stick, brush shaft or similar and hold it 35 inches from the end and try for comfort touching the floor without stooping. Important, then simulate holding a bin bag and try to put the end of stick into the opening of the bag. Try it again holding the stick at 32 inches. If litter picker is too long means you have to stretch your arm out to get litter into bag. As the bag fills and becomes heavier this simple oversight will be felt in your arm muscles. The position you find your self in emptying the litter picker into the waste sack is similar to your hand positions when firing a bow and arrow. It is the distance between your fists in this position, should be the length of litter picker that you should select.

If there is any risk of wind, in fact a breeze on intended litter picking day we would recommend a bag holder hoop. It will make the job much easier and save you hours of fraustration. See link below. Kits comprising of litter pickers and bag holders also available in our store.

We try to hold stock to deliver next day, however frequently environmental groups, neighbourhoods organise litter picking days and can order large quantities occasionaly putting stock under strain, particularly in Spring and Autumn. Organisers should allow 7 - 10 days for delivery of equipment before the big day.

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Make the litter picking task easier with a bag holding hoop, holds the waste sack or black bin bag open making collecting litter much easier. Available in 2 sizes, large and small. Click Here (Opens in a new window)

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