• Low Foam/ Completely water rinseable
  • Leaving glasses streak free and shining
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Supplied in 5 litre containers
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Dynamic Chemical’s TWINKLE is a highly concentrated bactericidal detergent for hand washing and sterilising all types of glassware for use in bars and restaurants.



May be used on glassware, crockery, etc, without blooming or streaking. Kind to hands. Does not affect the “Head” on beers, lagers, etc.


Dissolves lipstick, grease, vegetable oil and syrup to get your glasses 100% clean.
Low foam formula is completely water rinseable, leaving glasses streak free and shining.


Simply mix with hot or cold water in sink. Submerge items to be cleaned. Rinse and allow to dry.


The high concentration of TWINKLE enables the product to be used for a variety of jobs and dilutions of 200:1 for heavily soiled utensils to 300:1 for regular use means the in use cost is very low. When correctly diluted there should only be a hint of soap on the surface. While cleaning, a light foam is generated which breaks quick from glasses for easy rinsing.

May be diluted up to 300:1 in hard or soft water. Eliminates wiping. Completely biodegradable. Low foam means easy rinsing.

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