DB160VS Dustbuster V-Sweeper Blue - Complete

DustBuster V-Sweeper Frame complete with 2 x 100cm Blue Dust Buster sweepers. Dust Control: Sweeping large floors and gathering litter fast.
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SKU: DB160VS Dustbuster V-Sweeper
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V-Sweeper Scissor Frame with 2 Dust Buster sweeper heads. Max Dust Control

Sweeping or dusting a large floor area. This amazing sweeping tool, V-Sweeper or Scissor sweeper, with a massive 80cm x 80cm V-sweeping area approximately 1.5 metres wide.

Tough, washable acrylic mopheads. Essential sweeper tool for large floors, foyers, entrances, reception area, dining hall sports hall.

Sweeping approximately a 5 feet wide area per pass, makes short work sweeping and dusting large floor areas.

Lightweight aluminium scissor frame, easy to use. Comfortable grips on handles.

Spare or replacement sweeper heads available, part No. DBVSRH .

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