Vision. Window, mirror and glass cleaning concentrate.

Industrial concentrate for making glass, window and mirror cleaner for commercial use in hotels, pubs, social clubs, double glazing manufacturers and cleaning contractors.
Alcohol based, wipes away, evaporating without smears leaving no residue
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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Vision, Professional Commercial glass, window and mirror cleaner concentrate.

20% DISCOUNT from list price when purchased with a window squeegee or as part of our Spring Cleaning Offer.

Non Smear Glass, Mirror & Window Cleaner.

Excellent when cleaning at height reduce risk of dripping. Reduce amount of cleaning detrgent used for window cleaning.

Industrial Window Cleaning concentrate for Hotel, Restaurants, Double Glazing manufacturers, Valeting companies. Dilutes with water  to make Non Smear Glass & Window Cleaner.

Dynamic Chemical's VISION is formulated for fast, easy removal of dirt, grime and pollution film from all glassware, glazed tile, chrome and decorative metal surfaces, without premature drying or streaking.

One of our unique colour coded cleaning system - Blue.

Blended safety solvents in alcohol base means great cleaning power, streak free and quick drying. Quickly penetrates grime and pollution film. Removes nicotine film and cosmetics. Cleaned surface repels soil.

Harmless to all glassware, tiles and polished metals. Contains no abrasives. No effect on paintwork or decorative surrounds.

Concentrate dilutes 1: 20 water for HD cleaning and up to 1:80 with water for maximum economy.Reduces time and labour cost. Handy sprayer stores unused product for later use, eliminates waste. Surfaces require less frequent cleaning. Avearge low cost only 10p per sprayer. One 5 litre of concentrate fills approx 210 trig sprayers for around 10p each, of industrial / commercial glass / window / mirror cleaner.

Vision, Professional Commercial glass, window and mirror cleaner concentrate.
Hotels, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Public Houses, Bars, shopping Centres, Contract Cleaners, Valeters, Second Hand Car Dealers, Hospitals, Coach Operators, Window Cleaners, Garages, Taxi Companies, Health, Leisure & Sport Centres, etc.

Dynamic Chemicals Vision Professional Window Cleaning Concentrate MSDS is available in all EC languages.

Next day delivery throughout mainland UK, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 24 hour delivery in London. 

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