Wall Mounted Dispenser for Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray

  • Wall Dispenser for SPRAY alcohol hand sanitiser
  • Sturdy Reliable Industrial Wall Mounted Dispenser
  • Refillable Alcohol spray type sanitiser- wall dispenser
  • Reliable quality suitable outdoors or indoors
  • recommended for pubs clubs hotels and restaurants
  • 900ml refillable wall mounted sanitiser spray dispenser
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
Availability: 20 in stock
SKU: Dispenser Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray
Delivery date: 1-2 working days **No Current Delays Due To Covid-19**

Wall Mounted Spray Dispenser for Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

This wall mounted dispenser is ergonomically designed, perfect for sleek cruise ship settings and sturdy enough for outside use in pubs, restaurants, exhibution and sports arenas. The dispenser is NOT suitable for alcohol gels (there is a suitable alternative). This dispenser is specifically for spray alcohol hand sanitiser.

The dispenser is robust, reliable, widely used in service stations up and down the country, and sprays the required amount of sanitiser onto the hand when pushed. Spraying sanitiser is more effective, more hygenic and more economical than gels. No sticky residue left on hands.

The wall mounted dispenser sprays a smaller amount of sanitiser and therefore is much more economical than gel.

Easily installed, fitting template supplied. Can be used with key or converted to keyless. second picture shows bulk fill refill reservoir and easily replaced pump. All parts are replaceable and available as spares.


Ideal anti-virus frontline protection against Covid, and should be used in conjunction with ViruSafe multi-SURFACE Disinfectant spray for complete protection.

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